Transitioning Military and Veterans

If you are a current military member completing your military career or a former military member and are looking for information about a civilian career with the Defense Logistics Agency, this page can provide you with the answers. Former military members provide unique and valuable insights as DLA civilian employees. The DLA workforce is comprised of over 35 percent former military members. Please use the information below to start your journey to a civilian career.

What You Need to Know about Veterans' Preference

  • Determine your Veterans' Preference – What does it mean and when does it apply? Consult The Office of Personnel Management's (OPM's) VetGuide for detailed information on veterans' preference and when preference is applied or

  • Watch the video segments below:

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Introduction Windows Media Quicktime
General Eligibility for Veterans' Preference Windows Media Quicktime
Service During the Gulf War Era Windows Media Quicktime
10 Point Preference Windows Media Quicktime
10 Point Derived Preference Windows Media Quicktime
Documentation of Preference Windows Media Quicktime
When Does Veterans' Preference Apply Windows Media Quicktime
Preference and Referral Windows Media Quicktime
Selection and Rule of 3 Windows Media Quicktime
Preference and Category Rating Windows Media Quicktime
Access To Positions Windows Media Quicktime
Crediting Experience Windows Media Quicktime
Veterans Recruitment Appointment (VRA) Windows Media Quicktime
Veterans Employment Opportunity Act (VEOA) Windows Media Quicktime
Resources for Veterans Windows Media Quicktime
Questions and Answers Windows Media Quicktime
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Helpful Information
DLA Operation Warfighter Program
Civilian Credit for Military Service

Transition Assistance Program

Request a copy of your DD214 for the application process

Veterans have special appointing authorities not available to the general public. See if you are eligible for one of them

Search and apply for DLA and DLA serviced vacancies

Search for Veteran Job Fairs

The Office of Personnel Management's (OPM's) VetGuide

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