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DLA Podcasts

Interested in learning more about the Defense Logistics Agency? You can scroll through our gallery and select videos to view online, or you can subscribe to our podcast feed. If you're new to podcasting, please read the instructions below.

Podcasting Overview
Podcasting is a method of delivering audio and video files over the Internet directly to your desktop. You can listen to or watch the files on your computer or load them onto your MP3 player and take them with you.

Setting Up
All you need to get started is podcasting software. There are many different applications; you can choose which one best suits your needs. After you install the software, you add the podcast feed, which looks like a standard Web URL. The podcasting software will automatically check for updates and download the files to your computer. Some free podcasting software applications include:

iTunes (Windows/OS X)

Juice (Windows/OS X/Linux)

iPodder (Windows)

iPodderX (OS X)

Getting Started
To receive the video podcast feed in your podcasting application, choose the "Subscribe" option in your podcasting software and insert the feed link: http://dlavideoprograms.hq.dla.mil/videos/dlavideos.xml. Captioned videos for the hearing impaired are available via a separate feed link: http://dlavideoprograms.hq.dla.mil/videos/dlavideos_captioned.xml.

The Defense Logistics Agency does not endorse or guarantee the functionality of any particular application. If you have problems with your software or hardware, please contact the vendor or your systems administrator.