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Land and Maritime reviews operations plans with DLA director 
By John Foreman, DLA Land and Maritime 

Defense Logistics Agency Director Navy Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek and his senior staff held a video teleconference meeting with DLA Land and Maritime senior leaders June 5 to review Land and Maritime’s annual operations plans.


DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. (Sel.) David Pimpo and Land and Maritime leadership staff briefed the director and his team on how well Land and Maritime was executing DLA’s strategic operational directives.


During the review, Pimpo and the Land and Maritime leaders detailed how the organization was working to reduce backorders, create a high level of material availability, reduce inventory and increase production.


DLA high-interest topics, such as the director’s “Big Ideas,” were discussed as well as reducing operating costs and the current audit readiness initiative.


DLA Land and Maritime briefings included detailing what the organization is using to meet the objective of each Big Idea.


“Most of our metrics, if not all of them, are the best we have seen either in five or 10 years,” Pimpo said.


Citing excellent monthly figures, he added, “Some of them are the highest on record. But, to be clear, we’re not satisfied on where we are. But we do want to report a good news story in detail on where we’re going.”


After hearing the positive metrics review, Harnitchek said, “What you’ve been doing is miraculous, and when you have miraculous progress like this it’s obviously going to have major operational impact, and that’s great. Nice work.”


Pimpo’s team responded to pointed questions from Harnitchek and his staff throughout the four-hour briefing, detailing specific action plans or reporting on plans that DLA Land and Maritime has already initiated.


Harnitchek said the review was a strong follow-up to DLA Land and Maritime’s most recent briefing.


“Your team has really put some serious work into executing the plan you laid out earlier,” he said. “Your predictions were right on; that’s some really impressive work on reducing your backorders. You’re doing things the right way, buying on time and being relentless in executing your plan.


“This was a really great brief,” he continued. “It was tight as a drum. The positive things your team is doing – seeing you hitting home runs like you are - makes my job a real joy.”


Pimpo said he couldn’t be more proud of his team’s efforts.


“We strengthened our strategy with refined processes and focused execution to keep us on the path of sustaining superior support to our customers,” he said.


Photo: leaders at conference table viewing screen
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DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. (Sel.) David Pimpo (left), DLA Human Resources director Brad Bunn (right) and the Land and Maritime leadership team brief DLA Director Vice Adm. Mark Harnitchek and his senior staff June 5 during an annual operations plan review by VTC. Photo by Chuck Morris
Photo: discussion at conference table
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DLA Land and Maritime Commander Navy Rear Adm. (Sel.) David Pimpo discusses human resources issues with DLA Human Resources director Brad Bunn during the AOP review June 5. Photo by Chuck Morris