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DLA Distribution Guam prepares for typhoon season with annual exercise 
By DLA Distribution Public Affairs 

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Guam, Marianas, team members recently wrapped up their participation in Pakyo 2013, an exercise run by Naval Base Guam to validate emergency response plans in the event of a typhoon.

The exercise helped to ensure necessary preparedness, procedures, and plans are in place to protect and safeguard personnel and property.

The distribution center conducted a field exercise, allowing emergency teams to respond to a simulated hazardous material spill in one of the warehouses. In the exercise scenario, the spill was caused when a typhoon damaged a skylight, which allowed wind and rain to enter the HAZMAT building. The distribution center’s employees and tenant partners exercised communication, evacuation and accountability plans.

A scenario for humanitarian assistance disaster relief stock available was also run through with the Naval Base Guam Emergency Operations Center to help familiarize the base’s employees with the types of HADR stock DLA Distribution Guam carries.

Using its continuity of operations plan, DLA Distribution Guam activated its alternate command location, where team members exercised their abilities to communicate, test alternate routes and continue operations.

Guam personnel also moved high-value and wide-load items from the distribution center’s secure outside storage area to a restricted indoor warehouse to ensure proper procedures were in place to care for these items.

 “Our level of participation with the host’s exercises has always been phenomenal,” said DLA Distribution Guam Director Joe Pirman. “We were able to identify lessons learned during our after-action review to improve our emergency and COOP plans.”

Guam has been affected by 16 typhoons since 1970. A Pacific typhoon is a mature tropical cyclone that develops in the northwestern part of the Pacific Ocean. Super Typhoon Paka devastated Guam in 1997, with winds up to 150 miles per hour and gusts at 185 miles per hour, and caused an estimated $500 million in property damage.   

Naval Base Guam is scheduled to host an antiterrorism force protection exercise called Citadel Pacific 2013 in September and an earthquake and tsumani exercise in December. DLA Distribution Guam will participate in both.

Photo: Moving wide load
Enlarge Image
DLA Distribution Guam. Marianas, team members move wide-load cargo from outdoor to indoor storage at Naval Base Guam during Pakyo 2013, an exercise that tested the base’s typhoon readiness. Courtesy photo