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Project management plan


Lithium Battery Upgrades for DLA Forklifts


Version 1.2


Through fiscal years (FY) 2012, 2013 and 2014, the Department of Defense (DoD) spent over $246 million on purchase orders for rechargeable lead-acid batteries, many of which were the deep cycle lead-acid type used in heavy equipment vehicles on the battlefield and in the warehouse.  This dollar figure averages out to $82 million per year. Due largely to the effects of corrosive sulfation, these batteries sometimes do not meet their life expectancy of three to five years.  This results in the high cost and environmental impact of replacing and disposing of thousands of batteries across the DoD.  This is a huge problem within DoD and specifically the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) because of the large number of batteries in forklifts and other equipment used to execute its daily mission.

Lithium Ion batteries are part of a family of rechargeable batteries gaining more popularity in the commercial sector.  Most small electronics such as smartphones and computers as well as small common batteries (e.g., AAA and AA) are Lithium Ion.  The commercial industry is moving towards larger capacity batteries such as car and marine batteries.  The Lithium Battery Upgrades for DLA Forklifts Project, also referred to as the “DLA Lithium Ion Project”, will test to prove the hypothesis that replacing the lead-acid forklift batteries with Lithium Ion batteries will reduce forklift battery maintenance costs and increase forklift operational readiness rates.