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After contacting a PTAC, businesses shared feedback on the support they received -

“A highly specialized and hands-on resource to tackle the overwhelming and intimidating sector of government contracting!”
          - Adino, Inc., about the PTAC in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

“No other organization works so hard for small business, no one.”
          - Industrial Distributors Quality Resource, about the PTAC in Warren, Michigan

 “SE was awarded a 5 year contract.  PTAC was there for us every step of the way.”
          - Staley Enterprises, about the PTAC in Houston, Texas

“It is nice to have support a phone call away!”  
          - The Sand Creek Group, about the PTAC in Minneapolis, Minnesota

helicopter delivers supplies to ship“LRMEC continues to build on our past performance from small contract awards with various DoD agencies as a direct result of the PTAC support.”
          - Lake Region Micro Electronics Corporation, about the PTAC in Pittston, Pennsylvania

“Extremely useful to our firm as we have pursued government opportunities.”
          - Kapur Energy Environment Economics, about the PTAC in Charlottesville, Virginia

“We are now very confident in our bidding process and know that the PTAP will be there to help us as we continue to grow and expand.”
          - Silent Hawk Environmental, about the PTAC in Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Provided us with direction and assistance in achieving our overall business objectives.”
          - Lums Sales and Service, about the PTAC in Wilburton, Oklahoma
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“They truly understand small business needs as they relate to procurement.”
          - Mirador Enterprises, about the PTAC in El Paso, Texas

“I will continue to seek guidance from PTAC; their service is too good to pass up.”
          - Daron’s Construction Solutions, about the PTAC in Pensacola, Florida