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Our suppliers are integral to the success of Enterprise Business Systems (EBS). You are key players in meeting our customers' requirements. By being informed and aware of these changes, we can work together to ensure that the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines, have the right item at the right time and at the right place.

 What's New

08/26/2014 - Government Contract Quality Assurance at Source
07/29/2014 - Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS)
05/19/2014 - Vendor Questions about DIBBS and DLA
04/02/2014 - DNA Marking FAQs - UPDATED
03/26/2014 - Retirement of the Automated Best Value System (ABVS)
02/18/2014 - Surplus Offcers Without Completed Surplus Certifications/Labels
11/08/2013 - Time to Award Project Communication
11/07/2013 - First Destination Transportation update 1.0: Processing Shipments in the Vendor Shipment Module (VSM)
10/21/2013 - Shipping Medical Orders to OCONUS Locations
09/18/2013 - Introduction to First Destination Initiative
08/26/2013 - Higher Level Quality Requirement for DLA Aviation
08/26/2013 - Land and Maritime August 2013 EProcurement Rollout Documents - UPDATED
08/14/2013 - Qualified Suppliers List for Manufacturers (QSLM) for items in the Federal Supply Classes (FSC’s) 1005, 1010, 1015, 1055 and 1095
08/14/2013 - Certification Requirement to the Nadcap Standard for Chemical Processes
08/06/2013 - First Destination Transportation & Packaging Initiative (FTDPI) – Supplier Update
05/06/2013 - EProcurement Rollout - Troop Support
04/19/2013 - Land and Maritime May 2013 EProcurement Rollout Documents
04/12/2013 - SAM.gov: CCR Account Migration and Update/Renew SAM
03/05/2013 - First Destination Packaging (FDP) Initiative
02/28/2013 - PPIRS-SR Delivery Scores
02/26/2013 - Maritime NSNs in EProcurement – UPDATED 2/25/13
02/04/2013 - NEW cFolders Password Criteria Change now in effect
02/01/2013 - New LTC Solicitation Reports Available in cFolders
01/24/2013 - DNA Authentication Marking on Items in FSC 5962 - UPDATE
01/22/2013 - DIBBS Quoting
01/16/2013 - cFolders Password Criteria Change coming in February 2013
12/27/2012 - Qualified Testing Suppliers List
12/17/2012 - EProcurement Post Award Requests -Updated
12/04/2012 - DLA Land and Maritime solicitations will require compliance with ISO 9001:2008
11/29/2012 - Defense Industrial Base Cyber Security, OSD012537-12
11/29/2012 - Bio-Based Products Notice
11/07/2012 - DNA Authentication Marking - FSC 5962
11/06/2012 - EProcurement Rollout - DLA Troop Support
09/19/2012 - SAM Updates and new Registration Reminders
08/29/2012 - Reverse Auction
08/07/2012 - Notice to Suppliers - DNA Marking
06/08/2012 - Attachments to Awards and Modifications on DIBBS
05/22/2012 - DLA Land and Maritime Material Cost Reduction Iniative: Suppliers with the highest gross savings for the second quarter of FY12
04/25/2012 - DIBBS Document Retention Policy
03/26/2012 - Cancellation of Duplicate Purchase Orders
03/23/2012 - NSNs migrating to EProcurement
01/31/2012 - DLA Land and Maritime Material Cost Reduction Initiative: Suppliers with the highest gross savings for the first quarter of FY12

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