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The DLA Land and Maritime Office of Small Business Programs is here to assist small businesses in discovering business opportunities.  We also work closely with the acquisition community as they seek suppliers to fulfill DLA’s mission of Warfighter logistics support.  I hope you will take advantage of the resources we offer. New vendors should come to Columbus, Ohio for the Training Knowledge and Opportunities (TKO) Seminar.  Join us for Webinars on topics of interest to DLA suppliers, or just contact us at to learn more about selling to DLA.

Coleen McCormick

Office of Small Business Programs
DLA Land and Maritime

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Office of Small Business Programs

Toll Free: 1-800-262-3272 or Call (614) 692-3541

The DLA Land and Maritime Office of Small Business Programs promotes small business and socio-economic programs at DLA Land and Maritime.

This site offers information about requirements, procurement opportunities and events for the Defense Logistics Agency.

Current Business Opportunities:     

Does DLA buy what I sell?

Search solicitations and quote online at the:

Current No Bid Solicitations:

      The Socioeconomic Programs Include:

      Small Business Administration's (SBA) 8(a) Program

      Upcoming Events:
      To help train and counsel small businesses about doing business with DLA Land and Maritime, the Office of Small Business Programs offers the following:

      Qualification Listings and Programs:

      Other Resources:  

      Subcontracting Possibilities:

      Solicitations for the Military:

      Contact us at the Business Counseling Center: