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Self Help Tools

Are you wondering "Where is my stuff?" or "How do I place an order with DLA?" or even, "What item do I really need?"

DLA's network of customer support personnel stands ready to assist customers, but we also offer self help tools to "help our customers help themselves".

The list of Frequently Asked Questions below provides answers and access to on-line tools that will answer many customers basic questions related to doing business with DLA. DLA's self-help tools offer immediate resolution of inquiries such as requisition or backorder status, and on-hand status and on-hand stock availability. As well as entering requisitions / Supply Assistance Requests (SARs). Please note that some of the on-line tools may require individual logins and passwords. 

If you find that you have additional questions that these FAQs don't answer for you, DLA's Customer Interaction Center (CIC) is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via email (dlacontactcenter@dla.mil ) and phone (DSN 661-7766 or toll free 1-877-DLA-Call (1-877-352-2255)).

The DLA Self Help Tools Flipbook  (currently under revision) is available for quick reference. Hardcopies can be produced at your own expense by using the specifications in the DD 282 "DOD Printing Requisition Order" thru your organization's standard procedures. Hardcopies will not be provided by DLA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What item do I need?  (Reference Data)

Is the item available for order?  (Availability)

I need to order, how can I get help?  (Requisitioning)

What is the status of my order?  (Tracking Status)

Where is the material that has shipped?  (Tracking Status)

How do I report problems with my order? (Supply Discrepancy Reports)

How do I turn in excess material?  (Disposal)

Customer Links of Interest

Customer Support Network 1-877-DLA-CALL
Toll-free number for customers to contact DLA.

Customer/Military Service Support (.MIL and CAC Only) 
DLA's source for customer operations and service support information. Get the latest information on , Customer Support (including Performance Based Agreements (PBAs), Customer Support Representatives & Customer Training); Communications (including the DLA Customer Assistance Handbook & Deployment Tool Book (DTB); & other topics Of Special Interest (including Customer Collaboration & Green Procurement). Access is restricted to customers with a .MIL IP address. All other customers should use the link below.

DLA Customer Assistance Handbook (.MIL and CAC Only)
Customer's with a .MIL IP address can access the online handbook by clicking on this link.

Customer/Military Service Support
DLA's source for general customer operations and service support information

DLA Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
ICE is a web-based tool that collects feedback on services provided by various organizations throughout DoD.

DLA Command Chaplain
This Web site provides information for the external DoD customers of Ecclesiastical Supplies.

DLA Pricing Web site
DLA's "what's happening" link for pricing rules, tools and training.

Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO)
The LESO transfers excess DOD equipment to federal and state law enforcement agencies.

Supplier Assessment and Capability
Leads programs and innovates solutions for cost-effective readiness and customer satisfaction through a responsive supplier base.