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Director web page provides guidance and messages from the Director on a variety of topics concerning DLA, our customers, vendors, and employees.

DLA Acquisition manages the establishment and operations of procurement policy and oversight for the DLA' 5.2 million items managed. With nearly $35 Billion in annual sales, DLA buys, stores and distributes food, fuel, uniform apparel, pharmaceutical, medical and surgical products and equipment and weapons system repair parts for the Military services and other customers worldwide.

DLA Command Chaplain provides military religious support logistics to America's Armed Forces across the full spectrum of operations by managing a world-class Ecclesiastical Supply Program.

DLA Equal Employment Opportunity Office issues policy, provides information, guidance and leadership to DLA's managers and supervisors in implementing EEO law and higher-level EEO directives throughout DLA.

DLA Finance is responsible for obtaining and allocating resources, analyzing execution, providing fiscal guidance and advice to support the Agency, its business areas, and its field activities in accomplishing DLA's mission in a manner which provides the best return on investment to the taxpayer.

DLA General Counsel is provider of legal services to the logistics community.

DLA Human Resources advises and assists the Corporate Board in building and sustaining an exceptional civilian and military workforce within the DLA.

DLA Information Operations serves as the DLA knowledge broker, providing comprehensive, best practice technological support to the Department of Defense (DOD)/DLA Logistics Business Community resulting in expert quality information systems, efficient, and economical computing, data management, electronic business, and telecommunication services.

DLA Installation Support  provides specialized support services to DLA headquarters and its primary level field activities to include personnel and physical security, environmental management, safety, facilities and installation management, engineering, military construction projects, and sustainment, restoration and maintenance projects.

DLA Intelligence provides Enterprise-wide agency policy, program, and world-wide operational support for the following programs: Intelligence, Counterintelligence (CI), Special Security Office (SSO), Special Programs, Personnel Security (PERSEC), Information Security (INFOSEC), Operations Security (OPSEC), Industrial Security, and Foreign Disclosure (FD). Act as the principal advisor to assist the Director, DLA, his senior staff, and the commanders of DLA Primary Level Field Activities (PLFA) on the development and implementation of Agency Intelligence and specified security policies and programs.

DLA Joint Contingency Acquisition Support Office provides strategic and operational level Operational Contract Support (OCS) program management across DoD and the Whole of Government. When requested, JCASO provides to the DoD Combatant Command (COCOM) Commanders a deployable OCS capability to effectively and efficiently coordinate OCS program activities. JCASO's two fly-away teams, Policy specialists, and Joint Operational Contract Support Planners (JOCSPs) support COCOM planning, exercises, training, and deployments.

DLA Joint Reserve Force is responsible for managing DLA's available work force of military reserve personnel.

DLA Logistics Operations engages customers around the world to maximize readiness and logistics combat power by leveraging an enterprise solution. Operations and Sustainment builds value for the warfighter and the enterprise by establishing mutually rewarding customer relationships and ensuring customer focus throughout DLA.

DLA Office of the Inspector General is America’s Combat Logistics Support Agency.  Providing effective and efficient worldwide support to Warfighters and our other customers by providing DLA leadership with facts and recommendations, through expert audit and investigative services, to help them mitigate Agency risk, improve processes, ensure compliance, and optimize resources.

DLA Relocation Assistance Program (RAP), a Family Support Program, provides employees and their families with the information needed to complete a move efficiently and cost effectively and helps with understanding all the different facets of relocating.

DLA Office of Small Business Programs is responsible for ensuring small businesses have an equitable, fair and impartial opportunity to participate in the DLA Acquisition Program.

DLA Strategic Plans and Policy is responsible for the oversight of all agency strategic initiatives, transformation and modernization efforts.