DLA Operation Warfighter Program

American FlagOperation Warfighter is a temporary assignment/internship program developed by the DOD for recovering Service members on active duty or attached to their Service’s Wounded Warrior Program or referred to the Disability Evaluation System who have been medically and command cleared to participate in the Operation Warfighter (OWF) Program by their Commander and Recovery Team. The program provides you with the opportunity for meaningful activity outside of the hospital environment while you wait to return to active duty or transition to the civilian world.

Operation Warfighter FAQs

Eligibility Criteria
This program is open to all wounded, ill and injured service memberseither attached to their Service’s Wounded Warrior Program or referred to the Disability Evaluation System and approved to participate. You must be a US citizen and meet the security clearance requirements set by the office.

Benefits for the Service Member
This is a great opportunity for you to build your resume while on medical hold, explore employment interests, develop job skills, and gain valuable federal government work experience that will help you prepare for your adjustment to the workplace.

SoldiersBenefits for the Employer
Utilizing the OWF program is an opportunity for DLA to show support for your service and sacrifices. In addition to allowing access to your considerable experience, skills, and leadership abilities, the program can be used as a pipeline for the permanent recruitment of transitioning service members. Since you are still receiving your military salary, you are not compensated by the department and there is no cost to DLA for bringing you onboard. In fact, the Department of Defense Computer/Electronics Accommodation Program provides all reasonable accommodations to OWFs on assignment to federal agencies. This includes electronic equipment, transportation, sign language interpreter services, etc.


Contact Us
If you are a manager and would like to host a recovering warfighter, please email the Operation Warfighter Program Manager.