2014 Directors Guidance

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DLA Central

DLA Central is the Defense Logistics Agency's focal point for issues in the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM) area of responsibility (AOR). We provide the single face to the combatant commander, integrating DLA support throughout the CENTCOM AOR for logistical solutions with assistance from the DLA field activities within the CONUS. DLA Central HQ is located at MacDill AFB, Florida. DLA Central has two DSTs working alongside deployed forces in Kuwait and Afghanistan. DLA Central also has WSRs located in Bahrain and Qatar. Other activities in the CENTCOM AOR include:  DLA Disposition Services; DLA Energy - Middle East; a DLA Distribution center in Bahrain; and DLA Distribution Map Support Office Bahrain.

To Contact DLA Central:
DSN from OCONUS: 312-529-XXXX
Commercial: 813-529-XXXX
Picture of Derrin E. Williams, Col., U.S. Army, Commander, DLA-Central

Derrin E. Williams
Col., U.S. Army, Commander, DLA Central

DSN: 312-529-4012

Commercial: 813-529-4012

Deputy CDR:
Picture of William

William "Bill" Bennett
Deputy Commander, DLA Central

DSN: 312-529-3815

Commercial: 813-529-3815

Operations Chief:
DSN  312-529-4097
Plans Chief:
DSN  312-529-4060


ATTN: DLA Central
7115 South Boundary Boulevard
MacDill AFB, FL 33621-5101

DLA Support Teams (DSTs)

Commander, DST-Afghanistan
DSN: 318-449-4408

Commander, DST-Kuwait
Camp Arifjan
DSN: 318-430-5505

Warfighter Support Representatives:

WSR Bahrain: DSN from USA: 318-439-3723
Commercial from USA: 011-973-1785-3723
Cellular from USA: 011-973-3930-1659
WSR Qatar: DSN from USA: 318-432-3695
Cellular from USA: 011-974-5588-4913