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HQC fitness council to help meet employee wellness goals 
By Sara Moore 

Defense Logistics Agency Headquarters has established a fitness council to evaluate McNamara Headquarters Complex employees’ fitness needs and the effectiveness of current health programs.

The fitness council, which includes 20 representatives from nearly every organization within the HQC, held its first meeting June 14 to form its mission statement and objectives, said Bethany Sweatman, a management analyst for the DLA Installation Support Business Office at Fort Belvoir, Va., who helped organize the council.

“This was a natural extension from our involvement with the Healthy Base Initiative, and it was something that the admiral himself suggested that he wanted: a fitness council so that we could represent everyone in the building and find out whether or not the programs we currently have are meeting their fitness needs and if we are doing everything we can to work out and be healthy,” Sweatman said.

The council will meet once a month and will hold special meetings on an as-needed basis, Sweatman said. Employees are encouraged to contact their fitness council representatives with suggestions for new programs or changes to existing programs, she said.

Having a direct link to the workforce will help the fitness council be successful in its mission to improve the overall health and wellness of the DLA workforce, Sweatman noted. Agency leadership is interested in expanding the fitness council idea to other sites, so the DLA Headquarters program is important, she said.

“We’re in a really unique position, because there has never been anything like this before,” she said. “It shows how much the senior leadership values health and fitness for the workforce. We’re in a good position to meet people’s needs and create a healthier workforce.”

Photo: Fitness class
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Defense Logistics Agency employees stretch during a workout at the DLA Headquarters fitness center. DLA Headquarters has established a fitness council to evaluate employees' fitness needs and the effectiveness of current health programs. Photo by Olivia Branch