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DLA Director's Focus Areas

The DLA focus areas are:

Warfighter Support: DLA's top priority is always warfighter support. This means logistics support of the readiness and sustainment of America's warfighters themselves and of industrial activities and others whose own efforts are critical to preserving and enhancing our nation's and our allies' defense postures. It requires constant attention to ensure DLA's goals, processes and performance are synchronized with the needs of our warfighting customers, mission partners and other stakeholders. DLA continues to provide timely energy solutions while strategically posturing the Agency to meet the energy challenges of tomorrow's warfighters.

Stewardship Excellence: DLA's responsibilities have continued to grow in recent years as BRAC 2005 and other factors have driven us increasingly forward with the warfighters and industrial sites. DLA has also been deeply involved in new or expanding partnerships with various commands and agencies. It is in this context that we will continue to assess current and potential roles and related processes to ensure that we deliver maximum payoff from taxpayer resources while effectively supporting the warfighter. And at a time when it is critical to maximize sharing and integration of key information and other assets, we must also prevent their compromise.

Workforce Development: DLA's workforce remains vital to our current and long-term success in effectively supporting the warfighter at optimal cost. We must enable our workforce to capitalize on their skills, experience and potential, and prepare to manage the transition as retirements increase in the years ahead. We must leverage the diverse backgrounds and abilities of our people-both civilians and the active duty and reserve military. We will also reassess our forward footprint of DLA personnel to most effectively utilize our workforce to support forward industrial and operational sites.

There are numerous efforts under way across DLA that support daily business and ongoing enhancements. The initiatives in this guidance are those we consider of most import for FY 2012. As always, this guidance, our three focus areas and our 16 initiatives are based on one vital premise - "Doing what is right for the Armed Forces and DoD."

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