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DLA News Archive

News | March 30, 2023

R&D analyst honors ‘she-roes’ for Women’s History Month

By DLA Research & Development

Hard work, determination, and support from family, friends and colleagues have allowed Danielle Williams to enjoy a successful career in DLA, and today she brings her experience to bear in an important Research & Development initiative.

Over the last 12 years, Williams tapped into her innate resilience to earn her bachelors and masters degrees while holding various positions in DLA, from a DLA Distribution warehouse material handler to a program analyst.

Williams is currently on a 12-month rotational assignment with DLA Research and Development as a program analyst. She supports the Strategic Distribution and Disposition program’s 5G Smart Warehouse efforts, including DLA Distributions’ 5G test site, augmented reality, virtual reality, and other robotic devices. Williams is also working closely with R&D’s newest program, Applied Research and Testing Emerging Technologies, to understand how their capabilities can enhance SDD’s 5G research.

“I chose R&D for my rotational assignment because it aligns with my current and previous experience, and I know this will set me up future success,” she explained.

Williams permanently serves as a distribution program management specialist with DLA Distribution in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, where she enjoys supporting organizational culture and Warehouse Management System training development.

Determination and clearly defined goals led Williams to a rewarding DLA career. Following a long career with Verizon, she knew a professional change was necessary as a wife and mother of three teenage boys.

“I reached a point in my life where I desired better work-life balance and the opportunity to give back to the country that has given me so much,” Williams said.

For Williams, Women’s History Month is a time to honor and celebrate the accomplishments of women who paved the way in history and those presently forging paths for the next generation. She encourages other women to pursue the ample opportunities that federal careers offer. She is an advocate for the higher education benefits, training, and professional development that DLA provides to help employees grow and thrive, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Williams said she acknowledges that many “she-roes” helped and encouraged her throughout the years. She honors her mother, aunts, and many DLA managers and colleagues who guided and mentored her on her professional journey.

Williams is grateful for the extensive professional experience she’s gained at DLA including the opportunity to travel globally, train others, and engage with R&D over this next year, she said.

“DLA has really helped me grow professionally and personally to new heights I couldn’t have imagined,” she said.

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