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News | Nov. 3, 2016

Troop Support emphasizes inclusion during annual disability expo

By Alex Siemiatkowski DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

About 500 Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support employees took the opportunity to learn more about how people with disabilities support the warfighter during the annual National Disability Employment Awareness Month Expo and AbilityOne Day event Oct. 26.

Army Brig. Gen. Charles Hamilton, DLA Troop Support commander, addressed more than 40 AbilityOne organizations and other nonprofit groups in attendance.

“Everything you do has an impact on someone, somewhere, even if you don’t know them,” said Hamilton. “What I didn’t know prior to coming to Troop Support is that I have been the benefactor of the great work that you have done for 30 years now. Our young [service members] have been the benefactors of your great work too.”

The AbilityOne program helps people who are blind or have significant disabilities find employment in many organizations that provide products and services for the federal government.

This year’s theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month is “Inclusion Works.”

The annual expo and AbilityOne Day event gives those organizations a chance to exhibit the latest information available on the products and services they provide to support the warfighter.

The event has taken place each year for more than a decade and is hosted by the DLA Troop Support Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Office.

“This is what these folks do. This (event) demonstrates and raises people’s awareness that it is important, that inclusion works,” said Cowley. “We are raising everyone’s awareness that people with disabilities are productive and effective people.”

The Wounded Warrior Project was represented at the expo for the first time. Michelle Ramos Domingue, a senior benefits liaison with WWP, said the event was a great opportunity to meet with active duty service members and make connections for job opportunities for their members.

“I think this marries perfectly with the Wounded Warrior Project’s mission of honoring and empowering wounded warriors,” Ramos said.  “Knowing that there is a network out there that supports them in the workforce in helping them transition to civilian life.”

Paul Cataldo, account manager with SourceAmerica, the largest employer of people with disabilities in America, appreciated Hamilton’s support.

“To me, the most impressive thing was General Hamilton gave a wonderful talk about how much he reminded all of us of our role and how important we are to the warfighter,” said Cataldo. “Where we might not even realize being a good neighbor or doing our jobs well, especially if we are producing products for the warfighter, how important our job is in all of this.”