News | June 7, 2017

Spring cleaning makes room for new items

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

 Before summer takes over, the staff at DLA Disposition Services at Misawa, Japan, did some spring cleaning to clear out old property, make space for rolling stock and accommodate their turn-in customers.

Site Manager Michele Clay said the cleanup helped “very much” after holding on to property due to a sales hold. Clay said her staff had to direct ship more than 20 pallets of boots to Sagami last month because of insufficient indoor storage before the cleanup. She added that Air Force customers had held on to property for more than four months, which led the push to clean and reorganize storage methods.

“We had put a hold on 35th Logistics Readiness Squadron from turning in vehicles because our yard was full, as well as the Navy and Air Force hold from furniture management offices and lodges,” Clay said.

Since the cleanup, Clay said receipts have included a 40-foot container, more than 20 vehicles, generators and a pressure washer and over 250 pieces of furniture for inside storage.

“Most vehicles received were mini ‘tiger’ trucks,” Clay said. “The furniture was kitchen chairs, couches, stuffed chairs, end tables and side tables.”