DLA helps educate Omani vendors on DoD contracting processes, opportunities

By DLA Public Affairs


The Defense Logistics Agency joined the U.S. Embassy in Oman, U.S. Central Command and 40 Omani company representatives in the sultanate’s first ever defense-contracting workshop May 14-15 in the capital city of Muscat.

Representatives from local firms providing transportation, fuel logistics, port operations servicing, warehouse operations, and hazardous material disposal participated in the event, in addition to members of the Oman Chamber of Commerce and two representatives from the Omani Ministry of Defense. The event also included 16 DoD contracting officials from various components and agencies with logistics requirements in Oman.

Attendees learned how to contract with DoD, what each organization does and how vendors can find and act on procurement opportunities with the different military departments. They also discussed strategies for reaching regional vendors and increasing their participation in defense contracting opportunities.

“The workshop was a great success,” said Navy Capt. Terrel Fisher, forward commander for DLA CENTCOM and SOCOM. “The exchange of information was a great first step in expanding opportunities for Omani companies to compete for DoD contracts in Oman, and we received immediate positive feedback from the 40 companies that attended.”

 The idea for the event came from former DLA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch and Army Maj. Gen. Paul Hurley, 1st Theater Sustainment Command. During a recent visit to the region, discussions on the importance of using local vendors to support U.S. operations led to the development and execution of the workshop, Fisher said. 

Presentations centered on increasing vendor understanding of DoD registration requirements, the scope of DoD contracts in Oman, where to find solicitations, how to register and a basic understanding of the competitive bid process. 

 “Expanding the number of Omani vendors brings business to Oman and produces more competitive bids for DoD logistics,” said Army Col. Eric Larson, defense attaché at the embassy.

 DLA acquisition officials foresee future contracts in Oman for energy, fuel, food, fresh produce, and possibly DLA Disposition Services activities, said Kevin Burke, DLA Acquisition Operations.

Other participating component commands included U.S. Naval Forces Central Command, U.S. Army Central, U.S. Air Forces Central Command, Special Operations Command Central and U.S. Transportation Command.