Nothing eclipses DLA’s nationwide support

By Christopher Goulait DLA Public Affairs

The total solar eclipse will draw eyes and darken skies as it travels across the United States, but it can’t dim the continued support of some Defense Logistics Agency locations in its path.

Out of all of DLA’s locations worldwide, seven places will see the sun completely obscured by the moon in the eclipse’s path of totality Aug. 21. As the eclipse moves from the west coast to the east coast, these DLA locations will have a front-row ticket to the show.

Those are the only places where DLA personnel will see a total solar eclipse, but six more DLA locations will see nearly 100 percent darkness.

Many of these places are local offices for DLA Information Operations’ Document Services, providing their installations and the surrounding areas printing services, scanning and conversion, support for office devices and management of electronic content.

Other areas serve as hubs for DLA Disposition Services, specializing in disposal, reutilization or sale of excess property from the military services. The remaining site belongs to DLA Troop Support, which provides food, textiles, construction material, industrial hardware and medical supplies and equipment.

While these locations might not usually be grouped together because of distance or differing responsibilities, two things unite them that day: A shared mission to support the warfighter and a shared view of the solar eclipse.