News | Feb. 7, 2018

Deputy Commander DLA Europe & Africa visits DSCR on tour of agency’s MSCs

By Cathy Hopkins DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Gordon Hackett, deputy commander of Defense Logistics Agency Europe & Africa, visited DLA Aviation on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia, Feb. 1 as part of a week-long familiarization tour of the agency’s major subordinate commands to find out more about their current missions.

Hackett met with DLA Aviation Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Linda Hurry and various DLA Aviation senior leaders to learn about the activity’s ongoing focus areas and initiatives. He also shared information of the same nature on his organizations.

He said part of his visit was to thank DLA Aviation senior leaders for their support to his region through the activity’s employees’ support to the DLA Support Team deployments. 

Readiness was also a topic as Hackett discussed combat aviation brigades rotating in and out of Europe and the potential for more platforms to be based overseas and storage needs for platform support.

Maurice Sanabria, chief, Command Program Branch, Command Support Directorate and other senior leaders provided an interactive overview of DLA Aviation and its operations.                                          

According to Sanabria, the information provided included DLA Aviation’s work as the Department of Defense’s manager for the Ozone Depleting Substance Reserve.

 “It was very informative and good to learn about DLA Aviation’s additional services, its size and multiple locations, and how it handles hazardous materials management” said Hackett.  “The DLA Aviation Nuclear Enterprise Support Office is also another connection point because we have organizations that have that need and those requirements in Europe.”

While stateside and prior to visiting the MSCs, Hackett attended his final resident portion of the DLA Coaching Pilot Program in New York City. 

While visiting the MSCs, he shared information with senior leaders about the program which supports the agency’s People and Culture Plan.  Hackett says the program launch is scheduled in June of this year.

DLA Human Resources will be sharing more information on the coaching program with employees in the near future.