News | Jan. 12, 2018

Aging aircraft and equipment leaving Thai service

DLA Disposition Services

After many years of extended service, some U.S. property granted to the Royal Thai Army during the Cold War/Vietnam War era will be put to rest soon.

Site Manager Prapun Jantawee at DLA Disposition Services in Thailand said the UH-1H Huey helicopter, trucks and engineering vehicles were provided to the Thai forces through the Military Assistance Program and all items are being received in place since DLA Disposition Services operates a satellite site in Thailand with no storage warehouse.

“Many of [the items] are still operating in the Thai armed forces and many of them were out of service because of the wear and tear and turned in ... through the U.S. Embassy and the Joint United States Military and Advisory Group Thailand,” Jantawee said. “Most of the trucks were utility and some are engineering vehicles such as tractors, cranes, rollers, etc., for road building or maintenance works.”

Currently, the Hueys are at the Royal Thai Aviation Center. Jantawee said the Thai military is working on demilitarization and dismantling the aircraft.