News | Feb. 8, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Cornelius Gore

DLA Aviation Public Affairs

Employee spotlight regularly features outstanding non-supervisory personnel from throughout the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation and other DLA employees on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. Organizational directors may submit names of employees they wish to feature in this column to DLA Aviation Public Affairs. For more information, call (804) 279-3139.  

Cornelius Gore

DLA Aviation-Cherry Point, Material Management Division, Components Material Support Branch, Material Requisition Section

Years of Service:

What is your job title, and what do you do, specifically? 

As a customer support specialist, I expedite unfilled orders by identifying and validating requirements that fall into a backorder status due to materials not being readily available. I then use all available avenues to expedite outstanding contracts and purchase requests or find alternate approved sources of supply to satisfy unfilled requirements.  

What do you like most about your job?

What I like most about my job is being able to see the results of what I do and knowing that even after retiring from the Marine Corps, I am still able to support my fellow Marine and warfighters.    

What kind(s) of training and education helps your work performance in your current role?

I’ve had many forms of formal training since I began working at DLA, but the training that has helped me most is the weekly training sessions that are held in our Material Requisition Section. These training sessions are geared towards understanding and being able to work through the daily functions that we are required to perform in my section.

What aspect(s) of your current job gives you the most personal satisfaction?  Why?  

The aspect that gives me the most satisfaction is being able to find and procure those items that have been difficult to get in the past and identifying sources that could possible alleviate this problem for future procurements. I take pride in knowing all of my efforts will positively affect the future readiness of our warfighters.  

What was your first job? 

My first job was a laundry processor and delivery driver in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I collected and laundered bedding for hotels and returned fresh, clean bedding.  

What advice would you have given yourself 10 years ago?

The advice I would give myself 10 years ago would be to stop procrastinating and do as much in as little time as possible. I procrastinated in a few areas such as my education. I had plenty of time to pursue and finish some educational opportunities, but I choose to enjoy my leisure time. 

What’s your biggest pet peeve? 

My biggest pet peeve is laziness.

Who is your favorite actor or actress and why?

My favorite actor is Samuel L. Jackson because of the range of characters he can play. Even with playing many different roles, he is still able to inject his personality into every character.   

Have you ever been a mentor to a co-worker or other employee?  If so, how did you help them grow?

I’ve been a mentor in previous employment.  As far as mentoring, I have always just tried to set the right example through my actions. People tend to want to listen to what you are saying more often if they see that your actions match your words. I always remember that the personal and professional life will always intertwine, so knowing some things about the personal life of a person helps guide the professional mentorship relationship.