USFK Civilian Employees of the Year

By Elizabeth Stoeckmann DLA Energy Public Affairs


Three Defense Logistics Agency Energy at Korea employees were recognized as the 2018 United States Forces Korea Civilian Employees of the Year at USFK’s Camp Humphreys’ headquarters building Sept. 11.

Competing across the USFK and the entire Korean Peninsula, the following DLA Energy at Korea employees were recognized:
- Marc LaMontagne, Supervisor of the Year
- Milton Coleman, Administrator of the Year
- Unchong Yu, Administrator of the Year

“Significant attention has been paid to the Korean Peninsula over the past year and DLA Energy has been there every step of the way supporting USFK’s Fight Tonight fuel support posture,” said DLA Energy at Korea Commander U.S. Army Lt. Col. Craig Daniel. 

USFK Supervisor of the Year

LaMontagne, DLA Energy at Korea supervisory logistics management specialist, is named USFK Supervisor of the Year for the period of January – December 2017.

According to the nomination, his initiatives ensured timely termination of a 16-year international agreement between the U.S. and Republic of Korea, forging a path for future petroleum infrastructure in support of the USFK warfighter.

“It’s an honor to be recognized,” LaMontagne said. “This award is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our entire team at DLA Energy at Korea. I’m proud to do my part and fortunate to be the one representing us today.”

LaMontagne led DLA Energy at Korea’s first Independent Public Audit that evaluated facilities across Korea, which resulted in three exceptional ratings for USFK facilities. His innovative solutions balanced the record books between the alliances and saved the USFK $127,290 in bulk fuel transportation costs.

He was instrumental in identifying a compliance inconsistency with DLA Energy contractors and the USFK Invited Contractor Program that resulted in a DLA-wide acquisition notification for U.S. contractors operating in Korea.

Supervising six Korean nationals and three U.S. employees, LaMontagne has earned the respect and admiration of his team, his peers, chain of command and customers.

USFK Administrator of the Year

Coleman, DLA Energy at Korea supervisor quality assurance specialist, is named USFK Administrator of the Year for the period of January – December 2017.

Coleman’s contributions to the USFK mission were noteworthy as he oversaw quality assurance of more than 80 million gallons of JP-8 fuel using a fuel network of 23 DFSP sites that support all service missions in the Korean Theater of Operations. He was instrumental in the stand up of a new $19 million contractor-owned, contractor-operated DFSP for the Army as well as the decommissioning of a 14 million gallon foreign government-owned, contractor-operated facility.

“Milton increased operational readiness with remediation efforts of fuel tanks at an essential contingency operating base during a period of increased global operations,” said former DLA Energy at Korea Commander U.S. Army Lt. Col. Faith Chamberlain.

Coleman established procedures and improved service component and bulk fuel readiness for USFK during a training exercise held at large refineries with DLA major subordinate commands and service partners.

Coleman supervised six employees, of which two were new military QARs.

He shares his 42 years of quality experience to lead the development and certification of these military members who rotate every two year, Chamberlain added. He is a servant leader when it comes to the quality of Korea’s fuel and future quality leaders, she wrote.

Also being recognized in this category is Unchong Yu, DLA Energy at Korea inventory management specialist, who is named USFK Administrator of the Year for the period of January – December 2017.

Yu meticulously accounted for Defense Working Capital Fund fuel at 23 geographically separated Defense Fuel Supply Points throughout Korea. She processed fuel transactions and training to accountants, and helped coordinate the DFSP Waegwan closure. She balanced ROK service components’ books totaling more than 9 million gallons of fuel expended by the USFK alliances.

“This award was a surprise to me,” Yu said. “I just try to do my best in all my tasks. I never expected to receive such high recognition, but I am very grateful.”

Known as Korea’s watchdog by her teammates, Yu ensured appropriate disposition of the Defense Working Capital Fund fuel, as noted in the nomination form.

As a result of her efforts in providing localized training for service components in the region, Korea’s DFSPs received zero audit discrepancies attributable to inventory management.

Not only was Yu presented with a DLA Energy commander’s coin for excellence for her innovative and forward-thinking initiatives, but she was also awarded a DLA director’s certificate of appreciation for creating an aggressive training plan that includes shadowing colleagues on staff assistance visits and mentoring junior co-workers.

“Energy Korea’s Department of Defense civilians and Korean nationals are the heart and soul of this organization,” Daniel said. “Today’s ceremony highlights their dedication and deep commitment to providing world-class support as they continuously put the warfighter first.”