News | Nov. 6, 2018

Leadership to Me

By Troy Timmerman DLA Land and Maritime Level II Mentoring Program

In my opinion a good leader works hard, provides a clear direction for those that follow them to go and would not assign anything to their subordinates that they haven’t or are not willing to do themselves. The leader needs to be approachable and open to ideas of how others approach completing their tasks. A great leader should also be a team builder. They should bring people together and inspire that team to work together to accomplish the task at hand. Getting a group of people to work together to accomplish a goal is a very powerful tool and can accomplish more than the sum of each person working independently.

Some leadership styles include: autocratic, democratic, strategic and coaching leadership styles. The Autocratic Leader is one where the boss is the center of all decisions and responsibility. The leader tells the subordinates what to do with little to no flexibility. On the other hand, the Democratic leader takes input from others and delegates tasks but is still responsible for the outcomes. The Strategic leader is one that excels in times of change. They are very strategic thinkers. Finally the Coaching Leader is a person that teaches their subordinates and then monitors them to see how they are performing. They can add motivation and encouragement. This set of leadership styles is not all inclusive but encompasses many of the leaders that you find today. Can you think of examples of each type?