News | Jan. 10, 2019

Bagram staff shares mission info with senior logistics leader

By Tim Hoyle DLA Disposition Services

Defense Logistics Agency employees serving in Bagram, Afghanistan, had the chance to enhance warfighter trust and get their New Year off to a good start with a visit from a senior logistician on the U.S. Central Command staff.

Just a few days into 2019, DLA Disposition Services employees at Bagram were visited by Robert Helgeson, CENTCOM’s deputy director for logistics and engineering. Navy Cmdr. Max Becker, officer in charge of DLA Disposition Services in Afghanistan said Helgeson came for the tour “to understand what we do … and what our capabilities are.” 

Bagram is one of the bigger sites for DLA Disposition Services in the area. Becker said Helgeson was impressed with what he saw there.

“He was impressed with our operation and our capability,” Becker said. “He walked through our customer receiving area, the shredder machines, the torch cutting bays, the shearing operation, and resulting scrap being loaded into holding containers.”

Helgeson’s visit also included a “DLA Disposition Services 101” briefing on operations that included discussion on the importance of demilitarization for controlled items and ensuring materials released as scrap can only be used for their basic material content. They also discussed the support to Afghanistan National Defense Security Forces and the use of mobile teams to go where the vehicles involved are located.

Before leaving, Becker said Helgeson asked if the Bagram team needed any help. Becker’s reply was that his team was getting the support it needs from DLA Disposition Services headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan, and CENTCOM DLA.