Acquisition Achievement Awards Ceremony

By Connie Braesch DLA Energy Public Affairs


Defense Logistics Agency Energy employees in the acquisition community were honored during the DLA Energy Acquisition Achievement Awards ceremony at the McNamara Headquarters Complex on Fort Belvoir, Virginia, April 18.

DLA Energy Commander Air Force Brig. Gen. Albert Miller and Deputy Commander Guy Beougher attended the gathering and personally congratulated each recipient for earning career advancing certifications.

“This is a big day for all the people being recognized,” Miller said in his opening remarks. “They earned these certifications to improve and develop themselves while at the same time doing their everyday jobs. That says a lot about them and it bodes well for our enterprise because they are now more skilled, knowledgeable and reputable.”

The Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act certifications are the cornerstone of DLA Energy’s business standards and accountable processes. They lay a foundation for the training, education and experience employees need to perform trustworthy and reliable acquisition responsibilities. Seventy-six employees received Levels I, II, and III of DAWIA, Defense Acquisition Corps and contracting officer certifications.

Acquisition professionals who earned their DAWIA certifications are as follows:

DAWIA Contracting
Level I: Massoud Ahmadi, Christopher Clement, Gerardo Gomez, Jerome Heath, Jacqueline Imholte, Paul Johnson, Lisa Marsh, Orlando Merritt, Alisa Mitchell, Jermaine Smith, Airron Wiggins, Timothy Willard and Matthew Womer
Level II: Gerardo Gomez, Jerome Heath, Lacie Nowak, Denise Richardson and Dominique Vest
Level III: Alexandro Cano, Jorge De Leon, Jarvis Goggins, Careka Squire, Dyeshia Sampson, Michelle Sands and Nina Taliferro

DAWIA Purchasing
Level I: Ryan Spahr and Timothy Willard
Level II: Lacie Nowak

DAWIA Product, Quality & Manufacturing
Level I: Daniel Baniszewski, Nicholas Braddock, Michael Domen, George Goff, and Ronald Harris
Level II: Bonifacio Cadiz and Philip Chang
Level III: Philip Chang and Joseph Dougherty

DAWIA Life Cycle Logistics
Level I: Clifton Broughton, Lisa Haney and Mark Jahnke
Level II: Adrian Aldeano, Elysia Bowles-Charles, William Elery, Vernon Lane, Todd Minke and Eulanda Whiteside
Level III: Dwayne Briscoe, Johnny Castillo, Renea Couser, Mary Culbreth, Darren Dunham, Keith Embree, Roydrick Frazier, Marlowe Grimsley, Josephine Jacobs, Norman Mitchell, Daniel Picciarelli, Dana Robertson and Donald Williams

Acquisition professionals who earned their DAC certifications are Eduardo Davila Acaron, James Decristofaro, Jorge De Leon, Bruce Desoto, Chihwei Liu, Frances Malson-Williams, Nakia Shaw and Daisy Williams.

Acquisition professionals who earned their contracting officer certifications are Goyena Jonathan, Keecha Elliott and Tabassam Salim.

Acquisition professionals who earned their petroleum commodity certification are Ronald Bock, Trent Buck and Jamie Sanchez.

The ceremony also recognized a new Supplier Operations Pilot Rotational Program where employees shadow a senior leader in their career specialty to get hands-on experience and insight. Those employees are LaTonya Beach, Norma Birch, Christina Hill, Gladys Morales and Maria Norfleet.

“I applaud leadership for coming up with innovative ways to internally develop our workforce,” Miller said.

DLA Energy Supplier Operations Director Gabriella Earhardt closed the ceremony with a quote from a letter written by Pat Summitt, former University of Tennessee head basketball coach, to one of her new players.

“Every game is life. And life is a game. A serious one. Dead serious. Here’s what you do with serious things. You do your best. You take what comes and you run with it. Winning is fun. But winning is not the point. Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you’ve done is the point. The game is never over. No matter what. The secret of the game is doing your best. To persist and endure. To strive to seek. To find and not to yield.”

“On behalf of General Miller, Mr. Beougher and the leadership of DLA Energy, we are proud of you and congratulations,” Earhardt concluded.

The DLA Energy Acquisition Achievement Awards Ceremony is a biannual event honoring those who have continued to advance their training and education in acquisition excellence.