News | Jan. 2, 2020

San Joaquin’s Hackney Receives the Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity Top Honor

By Annette Silva, DLA Distribution San Joaquin Public Affairs

Theodore Hackney, deputy chief of the Specialized Missions Division at Defense Logistics Agency Distribution San Joaquin, California, was awarded the Achievement in Equal Employment Opportunity top honors at the Defense Logistics Agency 52nd Annual Employee Recognition Program ceremony Dec. 6 held at the Andrew T. McNamara Complex, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. 

Hackney demonstrates that he has an acute ability to look beyond the surface, see through emotion and work toward decisions based on merit with best intentions for fair and equitable treatment for all DLA Distribution San Joaquin employees. 

“Hackney embodies fair and equitable treatment and diversity awareness in his life and in his everyday leadership and management decisions as a senior leader at DLA Distribution San Joaquin,” said DLA Distribution San Joaquin Commander Marine Col. Tiffany Harris. 

He takes pride in creating awareness through special emphasis events and has been an integral member of the team for the past 15 years. For Black History Month, he regularly moderates and speaks at the events. His contributions created amazing results as the center’s overall 2018 culture increased 141% from 2016.

Hackney is a valued mentor and coach. He takes pride in mentoring his employees and has served as a mentor for numerous supervisors, managers and employees seeking advancement. Mentoring consisted of both formal and informal and offered insight into various working areas that had room for growth and helped these individuals see beyond the immediate promotion to understand their growth potential. 

Further, Hackney is fully aware of San Joaquin’s production environment and the challenge of finding the best candidate for the job. He was well suited to serve on numerous hiring panels. Serving as a panel member, selecting official and panel chair, his extensive experience afforded him the opportunity to train other less experience panel members ensuring the hiring process was always consistent. 

Hackney goes above and beyond in creating a positive culture at the distribution center. He volunteered to serve as the site’s mediator for numerous mediations. He worked as a facilitator in the Alternate Dispute Resolution process maintaining neutrality by establishing himself as fair with employees, union representatives and managers. Further, he worked in unison with command, J1 Equal Employment Opportunity staff, outside ADR representatives and the legal office. Additionally, he serves as a mediator for tenant organizations on the installation. 

Hackney not only provides invaluable support to the mission but regularly volunteers in his community. He served as an ambassador in his church and served as a speaker/teacher, moderating men’s conferences and teaching classes. 

“Mr. Hackney unfailingly demonstrates the highest standards of fair and equitable treatment for our workforce and served as a role model,” said Harris. “He is very deserving of this honor.”