News | March 16, 2020

Fuel tanker inspection video saves money, educates soldiers

By Irene Smith DLA Energy Public Affairs

A new Defense Logistics Agency Energy video demonstrates military fuel truck inspection procedures saving the government thousands of dollars and man hours.

Army Soldiers will use the video, which details the high quality standards of capitalized jet fuel through the transportation process, to prepare for the U.S. Army Reserve’s annual Quartermaster Liquid Logistics Exercise, July 18 through Aug. 1.

“This is a cost-saving measure that will reduce numerous travel and man-hours to conduct pre-inspections,” said DLA Energy Americas East Commander Army Lt. Col. Julian Perez. “We send our quality assurance representatives about 15 times a year throughout the AME region to do pre-inspections for QLLEX. Last year, we inspected 281 trucks that totaled 94 man hours.”

DLA Energy Americas provides the bulk petroleum and coordinates the delivery to QLLEX customers at the eight exercise locations across continental United States. DLA Energy Americas conducts pre-inspections on fuel tankers and certifies the vehicles to deliver fuel.

“Maintaining our high quality standards of capitalized jet fuel throughout the transportation process is essential to providing our Warfighters the product they depend on, and safeguarding personnel, property, and the environment,” Perez said. “This video depicts the required responsibilities that each Army fuel handler is required to perform in order to receive and distribute fuel.”

Units participating in QLLEX could add the video link in their operations orders to help enable their training in preparation for the execution of the exercise, Perez added.

DLA Energy Americas, in coordination with U.S. Army Quartermaster School, Petroleum and Water Department in Fort Lee, Virginia, worked with award-winning DLA video producer Jim Miller, to create the informational video. We hope the video helps QLLEX participants reemphasize the importance of what they are supposed to be doing when it comes to fueling tanker trucks, Perez said.

“We used three different cameras to capture some great visuals,” Miller said. “We had a soldier drive a 7,500 gallon fuel tanker right over a $5,000 camera anchored in the ground. We were glad the truck didn’t crush the camera!”

The video shows the step-by-step inspection process of three types of tankers, the M-967 and M-969, 5,000 gallon tankers, and the M-1062, a 7,500 gallon tanker. The school's Petroleum Training Facility served as a Defense Fuel Supply Point during the filming.

“Creating a video is about great visuals and a music track that drives the pace,” Miller added. “Then the graphics organize the content and keep the viewers on message.”

One of the Army’s largest petroleum and water field training exercise in the U.S., QLLEX is an annual training exercise consisting of Army Reserve Soldiers. The 77th Quartermaster Group will lead this year’s exercise.

The majority of the Army's petroleum and water units are in the Army Reserve Component. Each year QLLEX trains more than 4,200 Army Reserve logistics soldiers at the tactical and operational levels.