News | July 7, 2020

DLA Installation Management Richmond works to improve Parker Pond

By DLA Installation Management Richmond

One of the advantages of working on Defense Supply Center Richmond is its location in an idyllic part of Virginia. The natural resources and outdoor beauty are perks, and among the more popular spots is Parker Pond.

Parker Pond is a two-acre freshwater pond located in the center of the installation, adjacent to the Bettye Ackerman-Cobb Child Development Center. The pond’s namesake, James Parker, was a local farmer who worked the land that eventually became the installation.

“Ensuring that the pond remains a usable and attractive recreational site for the center’s employees has always been a priority of Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond,” said Jimmy Parrish, chief of the installation’s Environmental Management Division.

Over the past year, Parrish said, several improvements have been made to the pond and its environment.

“The dam located on the pond’s southern banks, which allows for the manual control of the water level, was thoroughly inspected and tested, and all cracks and imperfections were repaired,” he said. “Next, a new aeration system was installed. This system, which pumps and ejects water through a floating fountain, serves to stir the pond’s water, providing needed oxygen for its aquatic inhabitants.”

Acting on the idea and initiative of Ben Gray, a plumbing and pipe fitting mechanic in the installation’s Maintenance Branch, nearly 1,300 fish—minnows, catfish and blue gills—were recently added to the pond. An automatic fish feeder will be installed to ensure a ready food source. 

“Parker Pond is a very relaxing place for DSCR employees to visit,” said Keith Westerkamm, supervisory maintenance mechanic and chief for the Fire Protection Office in the Installation Operations Division of DLA Installation Management Richmond. 

“Many individuals already enjoy participating in our catch-and-release program,” Westerkamm said. “With the growth and maturation of our new fish, we could possibly hold future fishing contests that could double as team and morale building events.”