News | Sept. 30, 2020

DSCC activities support Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Family Advocacy Program

October has been National Domestic Violence Awareness Month since 1981. The observance serves to educate communities, individuals, couples and families about the Family Advocacy Program services and other community resources that can help prevent domestic violence, raise awareness of community responsibility, and inform the community of the many ways to report domestic abuse.

Over the years the definition of domestic violence has evolved to include not just individuals who are married or living together, but also former spouses, those who share a child in common, or a current or former intimate partner with whom the abuser shares or has shared a common domicile.  Because of the change in individuals who are included in this expanded definition, domestic violence is also often referred to as intimate partner abuse.

During the current COVID-19 health emergency, domestic violence has become both more acute and more hidden.  In the current environment, many victims have more stress in their lives and fewer choices when considering leaving an abusive relationship.  As social contacts have been reduced, there are fewer opportunities for domestic violence victims to reach out for help, but there are things we can all do to provide assistance.  If you think someone you know is being abused, stay connected, check on them and educate yourself on available resources.  Only a victim can decide to leave a relationship but as a community we can provide the information and support they need to leave. Visit the Defense Supply Center Columbus MWR Domestic Violence webpage more information on resources.

The awareness events the DSCC Family Advocacy Program is sponsoring this October are predominately virtual, but you can still participate while on the installation. 

You can show solidarity with domestic violence victims by visiting Hope Garden located on the north side of Mission Park and placing a stone on the Domestic Violence Awareness Pedestal.  If you are looking for information on domestic violence, visit the Domestic Violence Prevention Information Door  in Building 20, Pod B Room 145N. 

If you aren’t physically on DSCC in October, you can still show your support by visiting the DSCC MWR Domestic Violence Prevention webpage to get more information on Domestic Violence or the Standing Witnesses, or participate virtually in our “Wear Purple Day” on October 22 by sending DSCC MWR a picture of yourself wearing purple for posting on the DSCC MWR Facebook page.