News | Oct. 27, 2021

Employee Spotlight: Kathleen Webb

DLA Aviation Public Affairs Office

Employee spotlight regularly features outstanding non-supervisory personnel from throughout the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation and other DLA employees on Defense Supply Center Richmond, Virginia. Organizational directors may submit names of employees they wish to feature in this column to DLA Aviation Public Affairs. For more information, call (804) 279-3139.

Name: Kathleen Webb          

Organization: DLA Aviation at Ogden

Years of Service:  11 total, 3 ½ years with DLA

What is your job title, and what do you do, specifically? As a general supply specialist, I investigate physical record imbalances, identifying discrepancies such as damaged or mixed stock, misidentified materiel or improper markings or storage.

What do you like most about your job? I love getting out and interacting with so many people, building strong working relationships, camaraderie and solving problems. We have a big responsibility and a long history of serving the warfighter. A large portion of that is maintaining stock readiness at any given time, ensuring our customers have the things they need when they need them.

What would you say has been your major contributions to your organization this year in your job? I have an analytical mind and a lot of experience working with big data, so I have been able to assist in combing through a year’s worth of data to do root cause investigations into inventory accuracy. For every piece of materiel picked, stowed, or counted, there is an opportunity to perform with 100% accuracy.

If you could speak directly to the warfighters you support, what would you tell them? I would tell them that I have been where you are, I know how important it is to be ready for anything that comes your way, whether that means being battlefield ready, able to triage and treat wounded comrades or simply sit down and enjoy a meal and a drink. I have so much respect for what you do, putting your lives on the line every day and I can only hope that my portion truly does help support you.

What was your first job? I joined the Army when I was 18 years old as a medical laboratory technician and remained in that field for 19 years. After that, I worked as an analytical chemist for 10 years; five years in the nutraceutical industry and five in greenhouse gas research.

What’s the most thrilling/adventurous thing you have ever done? While I was in graduate school, I was part of a team of archaeologists and graduate students that excavated two mammoths, a cow and her calf, in Tucumcari, New Mexico.

What is your proudest accomplishment? My educational accomplishments rank right up there with my military service. I have two bachelor’s degrees, one in chemistry and one in forensics, and a master’s in environmental science. I am currently working towards a second master’s in aviation and aerospace sustainability with a specialization in space operations.

What five things could you absolutely not live without? The five things I couldn’t live without are books, Chapstick, pets, baseball and of course, my better half.