News | Jan. 3, 2022

Letter from the Director: DLA Disposition Services 50th Anniversary

DLA Disposition Services


It is hard to believe that I have been at the helm of the Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services for the better half of a decade and as we approach September 12, we embark on the 50-year anniversary of the creation of the Defense Property Disposal Service.

After several reorganizations and name-changes, DPDS would eventually transform into DLA Disposition Services. As we celebrate our organization’s historic anniversary this year, we are reflecting on our many triumphs and accomplishments.

DLA Disposition Services has had a storied history in the 50 years since its creation. The major subordinate command has provided direct support to every military action since the Vietnam War.

Expeditionary civilians from Disposition Services often dwarfed the number of other DLA employees supporting the warfighter. In 2010 for example, more than half of all DLA’s overseas expeditionary deployments were sourced by Disposition Services civilian personnel and military reservists mobilizing to support our military.

In addition to supporting military actions, Disposition Services has provided immense resources to humanitarian assistance efforts worldwide. These ongoing efforts have provided access to shelter, power generation, and even complete hospital units to communities in need.

Take a moment and visit our anniversary page that will help guide you through our organization’s many accomplishments and will serve to illuminate the important roles that Disposition Services has provided to our nation. We are immensely proud of all that we all have accomplished throughout the generations of individuals who have served Disposition Services.

Please take a moment to appreciate all that we have accomplished and celebrate our achievements with us as we excitedly anticipate another 50 years serving our great nation.

Director, DLA Disposition Services