News | Feb. 9, 2022

Employee Reflection: Abdiel Martinez

DLA Disposition Services Pendleton Warehouse Lead

A man poses.
DLA Disposition Services Pendleton Warehouse Lead Abdiel Martinez
A man poses.
DLA Disposition Services Pendleton Warehouse Lead Abdiel Martinez
Photo By: DLA photo
VIRIN: 220207-D-D0441-4322
Describe your job in a sentence or two. What do you do specifically?

Lead a team of 14 to inspect property and determine serviceability of such property to support the warfighter.

How long have you worked for the federal government, including military service?

Five years and 3 months.

How long have you worked for DLA Disposition Services?

One year and 3 months

What is your favorite memory with DLA Disposition Services?

When we were notified of winning the Best Site award for 2021. It was a big accomplishment.

What aspect(s) of your current job gives you the most personal satisfaction and why

To know that every day we are working better as a team and improving on culture and morale across the board.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

Never to give up and to learn from your mistakes.

What kind(s) of training and education helps your work performance in your current role?

I’ve had many years of management experience that have helped me become successful in my current roe. Years of leading many subordinates has given me a lot of knowledge on how to work with different types of people.

What would you say has been your major contributions to your organization this year in your job?

Working with my team and improving the overall accuracy of the site. Cross training in multiple areas and and getting the team stronger in knowledge, which, in the end, helps us to support the warfighter.

If you could speak directly to the warfighters you support, what would you tell them?

That if I’m here, they should not worry for anything they need. Me and my team are

here to support them 100%.

Where do you see yourself five years from now? 

I see myself becoming more knowledgeable in our processes and continuously working to ascertain higher leadership roles within DLA because I’m always looking for the next challenge.

Tell us something that most people might not know about you?

I have twin boys and there are eight pairs of twins in my family.

What is your best memory of working here?  

For me, it has been working with my current supervisor, Jason Cummings. Working with him, I have learned a lot and I strive to get to his level and more.

What was your first job?

Salesperson at J.C. Penney.

Who’s your biggest influence?

The biggest influence in my life has been my father. He’s the reason I joined the United States Marine Corps.

Name your favorite/recent book(s) you have read and why favorite?

The Glass Castle is one of my favorite books because it’s about an immigrant family, how people grow up traveling to different places, and the struggles of that an immigrant family goes through.

What are some of your passions outside of work?

I love soccer! I used to play in a league, but since I moved, I haven’t been able to look for one. Hopefully, this year I can find one.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A United States Marine.

Who is your hero? 

My dad.

If you could choose to do anything for a day, what would it be? 

Traveling with my family.

What’s the most thrilling/adventurous thing you have ever done?

Hiked Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park.

DLA Disposition Services is celebrating its 50th Anniversary by reflecting on its mission, culture, and workforce. This series is highlighting leadership and employees throughout the agency, across the globe. Visit the historical page to learn more about the MSC and its history.