News | May 24, 2022

DLA Installation Management Richmond site director visits Pennsylvania, reviewing inventory and future requirements

By Support Operations Branch, Installation Operations Division, DLA Installation Management Richmond

David Gibson, site director for Defense Logistics Agency Installation Management Richmond, Virginia, traveled to DLA Aviation’s Industrial Plant Equipment Services Division in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, May 9 – 12 to conduct a review of inventory and requirements for an upcoming general equipment compliance visit from DLA Headquarters later this fiscal year.

DLA Installation Management Richmond employees have had to conduct their annual reviews virtually, primarily covering records adjustments, for the last two years due to travel restrictions put in place by DLA Headquarters to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

“Overall, the visit was very productive and insightful,” said Gibson, adding that it was good to be able to see the forward site teams again in person. “This visit to Mechanicsburg was the first of many to follow and will help our Operations Support Branch teams be very successful for future compliance visits at different DLA Aviation sites.”

IPESD is part of the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation’s Engineering Directorate and the federal government’s only industrial plant equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul facility in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

During the visit, Gibson spoke with Brian Heath, IPESD manager, who provided him an overview of the facility’s operations where he learned how installation management can better support their requirements.  The tour included IPESD’s rebuild process, in-house design and manufacture capabilities, recently completed projects and a demonstration of their new state-of-the-art computer numerical control Gantry Milling Machine. The machine serves three functions: it cuts metals in a 3-dimensional fashion, is a surface grinder, and uses laser hardening technology to harden surfaces to ensure smooth operations between matting surfaces.  

Operations Support Branch teams will be visiting DLA Aviation sites before the end of the current fiscal year to include San Diego; Jacksonville, Florida; Ogden, Utah; Robins, Georgia, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Teams will conduct a 100% inventory of government equipment assets and orders and identify any future requirements whether new or life cycle replacement through fiscal 2026.

Gibson said the visits will also include discussions of potential inventory issues and DLA’s Five- Year Equipment Plan which documents inventory in preparation for enterprise compliance visits.