News | June 20, 2022

Site Spotlight: Fort Riley

DLA Disposition Services Fort Riley

Site Name: DLA Disposition Services Riley

The yard at the DLA Disposition Services Ft. Riley site.
Ft. Riley
The yard at the DLA Disposition Services Ft. Riley site.
Photo By: Staff
VIRIN: 220615-D-AA987-2754
Site Size:

Location: BLDG. 1950 L Street Fort Riley, KS 66442

Hours of Operations: 0700 - 1530

What services does the site provide? DLA Disposition Services at Riley provides direct support to military and DoD civilian command elements.  Services include on and off-site training, DSR support, disposal operations, environmental, Contracting Officer Representative duties, Hazardous Waste contractual removal at Receipt in Place locations, as well as direct scrap removals at forward located collections sites throughout the Riley HUB footprint.

What are the major units supported at the site? 1 ID, 977th MP, Fort Riley, Offutt AFB, Whiteman AFB, Fort Snelling, Camp Dodge, and McConnell AFB.

What are the most notable or unusual item(s) processed by the site? IED Realistic Trainers, Highly Anatomical Mannequins.

What is the site’s average annual fiscal year statistics? 110K lines of property received, 3.8M pounds of scrap removed, $54.8M of property reutilized, and 1,300 Hazardous Waste lines processed.

Has the site provided any humanitarian support? Operation Allied Welcome.

Does the site have any focus areas? Support if the III Corps and the Big Red One at Fort Riley. 

Are there any unique challenges the site faces? Wind and intermittent wildfires. 

What are the goals for the site for the coming year? Continued site construction and repair. Site growth.