Oklahoma City’s Williamson awarded Global Distribution Excellence: Special Services Civilian Leader of the Year Award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs DLA Distribution Public Affairs

George Williamson, a Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Oklahoma City, Okla., employee has been awarded the Global Distribution Excellence: Special Services Civilian Leader of the Year Award for his leadership.

“As acting branch chief, George managed 175 employees and 14 supervisors,” said DLA Distribution Oklahoma City director Ned LaViolette. “He exemplifies the model supervisor, setting standards for all to emulate.”

Williamson restructured multiple special programs and infrastructure resulting in improved customer satisfaction in Foreign Military Sales repair and return, kitting, time compliance technical order kitting, quality deficiency reports and first article test material.

Additionally, Williamson established operation improvements with lean cells that contributed to a .31 percent denial rate. With his focus on performance, monitoring daily output and adjusting the work force, he was able to excel in over 20,000 annual transactions and reduce the incoming supply discrepancy report rate by 10 percent. His innovated thinking and functional reorganization yielded a $109,000 cost savings.

Ranking in the top 10 percent of a workforce comprised of around 475 personnel, Williamson demonstrates a high level of expertise in mentoring fellow employees. He has developed continuity standards that allowed for 100 percent cross training of 11 employees.

”One of the many restructures for Williamson was leading a team of production controllers for DLA kitting operations at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma City and applying lean concepts,” said LaViolette. “The team was able to reduce man hours per week that led to cost savings for our customers. George’s attention to detail and knowledge is well known through DLA Distribution.”