Pearl Harbor’s Ginez wins DLA Distribution Mission Impact Award

By Emily Tsambiras DLA Distribution Public Affairs


Michael Ginez, equipment specialist at DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, has been awarded the DLA Distribution Mission Impact Award for his resourcefulness in the management of the distribution center’s vehicles and equipment.

As an equipment specialist, Ginez is responsible for the management of over 100 vehicles and equipment, including a warehouse conveyor system spanning three facilities, as well as the management of two contracts valued at approximately $500,000. 

Ginez also serves as the distribution center’s contracting officer representative, overseeing the repair of mission-essential equipment throughout wholesale and retail operations. 

According to Thomas Dillon, the distribution center’s deputy commander, in his first four months on the job Ginez assumed full responsibility of DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor’s vehicles and equipment and secured 100 percent accuracy in the Equipment Management and Control System.  Quickly analyzing requirements, he substantiated the requirement for two additional tractors, replaced five aging vehicles, and revised repair contracts to meet mission needs.  Furthermore, Ginez resurrected the distribution center’s conveyor system, which had long been inoperable, and, in doing so, reduced receipt to stow process time by nearly 30 percent. 

“Mr. Ginez plays a significant role in the ability of DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor to execute its mission.  His resourcefulness and ability to plan, program, and distribute equipment has proven invaluable to DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor’s capability to support the warfighter,” said Dillon.

He adds that Ginez is “incredibly resourceful,” after reclaiming a Stretch Wrap machine from DLA Disposition Services and reutilizing the internal components on other machines.  His ingenuity returned three Stretch Wrap machines to service while saving an estimated $15,000 in repair costs.         

“Mr. Ginez has demonstrated outstanding performance in assigned duties.  His impact on DLA Distribution Pearl Harbor is second to none,” concluded Dillon.