News | Jan. 11, 2016

Tobyhanna division wins TYAD Safety Area of the Year award

By DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The Packing, Warehouse and Small Parcel area of Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Tobyhanna, Pa., was awarded the Tobyhanna Army Depot Safety Area of the Year Award - Tenant Activity, for fiscal year 2015 for their work in ensuring employee safety.

The PWSP team includes 16 employees in 10 bays, and competed against a total of 22 tenant commands across TYAD for the honor.

“The PWSP area supervisor, Steavon Allen, is always proactive with all safety requests and inspections,” said Army Lt. Col. John Turner, DLA Distribution Tobyhanna’s commander.  “Mr. Allen will personally correct any deficiencies on the spot, or make the necessary arrangements to have the deficiency corrected in a timely manner.” 

The PWSP area has not had any employee injuries resulting in lost time or missed work days in the past two years.  The team had additional personnel working with them in one warehouse for several months, and still was able to stay incident-free.

“Mr. Allen fully supports the Safety on Point program and allows his area representative complete availability to attend monthly meetings, accompany the safety specialist on quarterly inspections, and perform monthly fire extinguisher checks, along with weekly eyewash station checks.”