News | April 6, 2016

Distribution Bahrain’s Team of the Quarter

By Dr. Tanya Johnson DLA Distribution Public Affairs

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Bahrain’s, Mapping Team has been awarded the Team of the Quarter award for their continued outstanding performance and dedication in supporting United States Navy Fifth Fleet and military services within the Central Command area of responsibility.

This six-person team is comprised of three military and 3 local national personnel and serve as the single theater mapping platform within CENTCOM providing warehousing, distribution and mapping operations supporting maritime security and stability operations for Navy Support Activity Bahrain.   The team is responsible for over 2,000 classified mapping products and more than three million mapping assets in total. 

During this period the team processed 1,400 transactions and distributed over 42,000 mapping products globally to assigned geospatial intelligence and military service customers.  They realigned mapping stockage with demand globally by redistributing more than 800 mapping products, which decreased customers wait time in half.  Additionally, they completed a quarterly classified inventory a full three days ahead of schedule improving audit readiness. 

The mapping team carried out over 105 surveillances in support of  a $13 million contractor owned and operated distribution center, confirming and upholding a 100 percent compliance to DLA standards.  They also achieved a 99 percent accountability rating for over 8,000 forward positioned stock line items valued at $72 million. 

“The DLA Distribution Bahrain Mapping Team dedication and determination consistently excels in achieving the DLA Distributions vision of Delivering the right solution on time, every time” said Navy Cmdr. Todd Wanack, director of the distribution center.