News | May 17, 2016

Spring Fling celebrates teamwork in Subsistence

By Alex Siemiatkowski DLA Troop Support Public Affairs

The Subsistence sensing team hosted their first event of the year with a Spring Fling, offering employees an opportunity to “play hard because we work hard,” said event coordinator, Kelly Parker.

The event, which brought together more than 100 Subsistence employees, was the brainchild of the Subsistence sensing team, culture improvement team and senior level managers. It featured an egg race, water balloon toss, horseshoes and trivia game to help enhance team building and morale.

“This event is a perfect opportunity for managers to say thank you to their staff for all that they do throughout the year,” said Parker, Subsistence sensing team chairperson. “It also helps to forge new alliances and work relationships by bringing people together and changing their perceptions one event at a time. That is what the sensing team is all about.” 

Several employees brought their favorite pot luck items for everyone to enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Everything came together to create the “perfect day” for this event, from the weather, food and turnout, said Joseph Cauvin, Subsistence tailored vendor logistics specialist.

After they finished eating, employees played cornhole and horseshoes as a warm up to the main events, the egg race and volleyball tournament.

Subsistence Director of Supplier Operations Gina Vasquez said she was looking forward the most to the egg race and had been practicing. Vasquez and her partner, Rich Faso, Subsistence deputy director, won both the egg race and the water balloon toss.

“This is a good event where everybody can get an opportunity to get away from their desk and really enjoy each other and have good conversations outside of work,” said Vasquez. “It also helps to build stronger work relationships.”

The sensing team will host several fundraisers, such as yard sales, bake sales and a pizza party, until their Fall Festival. They’ll end the year with the Subsistence holiday party.