News | May 17, 2016

Tracy Fitness Center enhances the healthy lifestyles and resiliency of DLA San Joaquin

By Annette Silva DLA Distribution Public Affairs

The opening of a state-of-the-art fitness center at DLA San Joaquin, California, is meeting one of the main objectives of the DLA Strategic Plan; DLA San Joaquin employees are becoming more resilient in both their professional and personal lives.

DLA’s resiliency model offers four areas of focus to help employees understand what resources are available to them: mental, physical, social and spiritual. Programs like the DLA Fitness Program and offerings such as the Tracy Fitness Center build toward working on the physical component of the model.

The new fitness center has a dedicated exercise room equipped with WELLBEATS, a virtual class where patrons can choose a class on demand that best works for them. Classes offered include spinning, kickboxing, Latin groove, yoga, and "pregnancy express."

Some other features of the center are saunas in both the men's and women's locker rooms, a cardio and weight room, outdoor equipment, free Wi-Fi and six large flat-screen televisions, to enhance the atmosphere while working out.

The new fitness center has attracted employees looking to become more resilient by using their health and wellness hours.

One employee who has experienced life-changing results is Steve Edmonson, Maintenance Division Group deputy at DLA Distribution San Joaquin.

According to Edmonson, the fitness center has accomplished the impossible for him. He was once told by an orthopedist and physical therapist after surgery that he’d never be able to run again and he would have limited mobility because of nerve damage.

“I informed the fitness center trainer, Jessica Sanchez, of my injuries and limitations. She helped me define my goals and developed a fitness plan and workout schedule to get me there. She has a slogan of ‘No excuses, just results.’ With the support and guidance of Ms. Sanchez, I have lost 40 pounds and transformed a 50-something-year-old with back problems and associated nerve damage, a bad shoulder and two arthritic knees into an active, energized member of the DLA workforce who was recently able to pass the Marine Fitness Challenge.”

He added that fitness is a lifelong journey and, as with all journeys, it begins with a single important step. In his case, it just happened to be stepping into the fitness center and crossing paths with Sanchez.

Another happy patron is Oanh Dang, an engineer with DLA Installation Support San Joaquin. She enjoys the center and appreciates its great location by the installation’s employee gate, making it easily accessible. She also enjoys all the new and latest equipment, programs and tools for all types of exercises and health development programs.

“This fitness center is very much comparable to any commercial gym and it is free of membership [fees]. Plus, employees don't have to drive a distance to work out; it is right here onsite. Employees can stop by in the morning before going to work, during lunch break, or right after work hours. The new gym has everything you need to continue or begin your physical program to have a healthy and fit you and [improved] workforce at DLA San Joaquin.”  

Fitness Center participation is growing. While the old fitness center at Warehouse 18 continues to operate at a consistent pace, averaging 77-85 patrons daily, the new Fitness Center has averaged 64-92 patrons since its Feb. 17 opening.

The DLA enterprise offers an extensive selection of resiliency resources for its employees. Workforce resiliency is both a DLA core value and a primary objective of the People and Culture goal in the strategic plan.

Editor’s note: Emily Tsambiras of DLA Distribution Public Affairs contributed to this article