News | Aug. 8, 2016

Partnership is the goal at Marine Corps/DLA Day event

By Chris Erbe

Senior logistics leaders in the Marine Corps and the Defense Logistics Agency met at the McNamara Headquarters Complex for the annual Marine Corps/DLA Day July 28. DLA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Andy Busch hosted the event to increase collaboration and enhance communication between the two organizations.

“We define our customers as the combatant commanders, the services and the whole of government and you all have very different needs,” Busch said in his opening remarks. “From you we hear loud and clear that readiness is a big issue. We are very interested in making sure that we know what your metrics are telling you, which is why we want to keep the lines of communication open.”

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Mike Dana, Deputy Commandant, Installations and Logistics gave DLA high marks in their logistics support to the Marine Corps.

“In 21st century logistics, it’s all about velocity – getting stuff right now,” Dana said. “I want to tap into what DLA has. I’m absolutely pleased with what DLA is doing for the Marine Corps – you are a customer service-oriented organization and that’s appreciated.”

During the event, participants received updates on action items that resulted from previous Marine Corps/DLA Day meetings. The DLA Marine Corps team reported that of eight action items previously identified, seven had been completed.

“The team has been working extremely hard during the last year to coordinate between the stakeholders within DLA and the Marine Corps to ensure that we have progressed in each of these areas,” said Marine Corps Col. Michael Walter, DLA’s National Account Manager for the Marine Corps and organizer of the event.

The action items included providing updates on back order metrics for all Marine Corps ground operational units; improving the interface between Marine Corps and DLA software for weapon system support; standing up a training program for deploying Marine logisticians so they can better leverage DLA support and more.

Participants reported on the new Major Defense Acquisition Program Initiative which allows DLA to engage very early in the life cycle of new weapon systems. Early engagement allows DLA and the Marine Corps to be ready with part support for future maintenance needs as new equipment, such as the Amphibious Combat Vehicle, now in prototype phase, is brought into use by the Marine Corps.

The team also reported the establishment of a new semi-annual forum that will allow senior leaders at the brigadier and major general ranks to contribute their voices to the shaping of logistics policy between the two organizations.

A highlight of the service day occurred when Busch and Dana signed the Performance Based Agreement 2016, which codifies the Marine Corps/ DLA Service Day, One Star/Two Star Forum and the Partnership Agreement Council, collaborative events that will enhance the DLA/Marine Corps partnership over the next three years. The agreement also codifies the metrics that DLA and the Marine Corps will observe, monitor and measure over the next three years to make sure both organizations are on track to support Marine Corps warfighters.