The Creative Curriculum® for Infants, Toddlers & Twos

We’ve chosen this curriculum because it offers support for helping caregivers and teachers to provide care and experiences that are nurturing, consistent, and loving, and that will help your child flourish. The Creative Curriculum® will guide your child’s caregivers and teachers in creating a classroom environment filled with responsive daily routines and meaningful, individualized experiences that nurture your child’s learning and development.

The routines will sound familiar to you: hellos and good-byes, diapering and toileting, eating and mealtimes, sleeping and nap time, and getting dressed. As you already know, these routines are an important part of your child’s day, and ensuring that they are consistent and nurturing will help your child to build trust and form the positive relationships with his or her teacher that are the foundation for learning.

In addition to daily routines, every day, The Creative Curriculum® will support your child’s caregiver or teacher as she engages your child in meaningful experiences, such as playing with toys, enjoying books and stories, creating art, and going outdoors. It’ll help your child’s teacher to observe what your child does and select materials that match your child’s growing abilities and interests.

When teaching and caring for your child, we value your involvement, because a meaningful partnership with you plays an enormous role in how your child experiences our program and what he or she will gain from the experience.

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool (3-5 year olds), is a comprehensive, research-based curriculum, which features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills. We’ve chosen this curriculum because it focuses on the skills and knowledge that are most important for helping your child to be successful in school. Throughout the year, The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool will help us plan learning experiences that are just right for your child, so that he or she can make progress at his or her own pace.

So, how does The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool support your child’s learning? It’s based on 38 objectives for development and learning that focus on all the areas that are most important for school success: social–emotional, cognitive, math, literacy, physical, language, social studies, science and technology, and the arts. These objectives are built into every activity that happens in the classroom, which means that all day long, the teacher is helping your child build skills and knowledge in these important areas.

In The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool, learning happens through studies. Studies, which span several weeks, are in-depth, project-based investigations of topics that are part of your child’s everyday life. They feature topics like trees, balls, buildings, and clothes. In a study, children raise questions about the topic and find answers by exploring, experimenting, and investigating in a hands-on way—through activities that take place in the classroom and outdoors. Through studies, your child will learn important math, literacy, science, and other skills.

The Creative Curriculum® for Preschool also has support, built into every experience, for children who are English-language learners and children who have special needs. This helps to ensure that every child can participate in classroom activities and can be successful. There are also many opportunities for families to become involved in what’s happening in the classroom. Your child’s teacher will let you know about the different ways you can be part of these learning experiences. We hope that you’ll participate whenever possible and help to build the important connection between home and school.


Our program will also use GOLDplus®, an online assessment resource that supports effective teaching and children’s development and learning. This tool will help us understand what your child knows and can do and how we can help him or her develop and learn. It’s important to know that GOLDplus® is not a test. It’s a resource that will help your child’s teacher get to know your child, and help your child make progress in his or her own way.

So, how does GOLDplus® work? First, your child’s teacher will observe what your child says and does during everyday classroom activities, at different times of the day and during many different experiences throughout the year. The teacher will take notes and document what they see and hear on a regular, ongoing basis. Then, s/he will use GOLDplus® to compare this information with what can be expected from someone of your child’s age or from the same class/grade.

GOLDplus® will help the teacher get to know your child. The teacher can get a broad picture of your child’s skills, knowledge, and abilities. S/he can understand your child’s special skills and the areas where there is room to grow. From there, the teacher can plan learning experiences that are just right—that will help your child succeed.

Using GOLDplus® is different from testing children. Children aren’t taken away from classroom activities and tested on what they know. Instead, the teacher observes children—during everyday experiences—to find out what their strengths, needs, and interests are. In this way, the teacher will gather information that helps them focus on what’s most important for your child.