Pipeline Measurement Process Review Committee (PM PRC)

The Pipeline Measurement PRC is established under the authority of the DoD Supply Chain Materiel Management manual (DoDM 4140.01), or its successor publication, for the purpose of developing and maintaining the Logistics Metric Analysis Reporting System (LMARS) for the measurement of logistics pipeline performance, including logistics response time metrics.

In coordination with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Logistics, the Pipeline Measurement PRC (PM PRC) shall:

  • Coordinate actions essential to the maintenance and improvement of LMARS.
  • Develop and maintain uniform DoD-wide business rules for the measurement and reporting of Logistics Response Time (LRT) in LMARS.
  • Serve as the principal oversight organization to ensure that LMARS and its associated products develop and execute measurement of LRT as defined and agreed to by the PRC.
  • Ensure that PM PRC representatives of all DoD Components are advised of all initiatives and plans as they are developed with respect to LMARS so that they can, in turn, provide updates to their senior leadership.
  • Document and maintain DoD-level LRT to support uniform measurement across the Department of Defense within LMARS.
  • Provide feedback to the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Supply Chain Integration (DASD/SCI) concerning Component requirements to fully implement LRT measurement tools through the SCI Principal Staff Assistant (PSA), the SCI representative on the PM PRC.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership consists of representatives from the DoD Components. Access PM PRC membership information--if you have a need for but cannot access this file, contact us.

Next Committee Meeting


Date: September 20, 2018
Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm EDT
Agenda: September 20, 2018 Agenda
Briefing Charts: September 20, 2018 Briefing Charts
Minutes:  TBD
DCS URL:  https://conference.apps.mil/webconf/pmprc
Meet Me Line: DSN: 312-885-7351; COMM: 301-909-7351; Access Code:  35201181
Location: LMI HQ, 7940 Jones Branch Dr., Tysons VA 22102, in the 6-Central conference room
Directions/Accommodations: Directions

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