Major Military Standard Logistics Systems (MILS) Descriptions and Process Flows

This webpage summarizes, at a basic level, standard business processes and procedures prescribed by the major MILS (also referred to as the Defense Logistics Standard Systems (DLSS)). At the end of each MILS summary is a link to one or more process flow charts which describe the major function(s) of that MILS.

Microsoft PowerPoint Icon DLMS Flows.

  1. Military Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures (MILSTRIP) prescribes standard procedures, methods, rules, data elements and codes, forms, documents, formats and time standards for the interchange of logistics information relating to requisitioning, supply advice, supply status, materiel issue, shipment status, materiel receipt, materiel returns, redistribution, and reclamation processes. The procedures govern the interchange of information for materiel commodities between supported activities and inventory control and distribution systems in the Department of Defense (DoD) and other participating organizations. MILSTRIP Charts.
  2. Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accountability Procedures (MILSTRAP) prescribes standard methods, policies, procedures, data elements and codes, documents, and time standards for the flow of inventory accounting information. Procedures are applicable between inventory control points, stock control activities, storage and depot sites and posts, camps, or bases.  MILSTRAP Charts
  3. Military Standard Transportation and Movement Procedures (MILSTAMP). This is no longer managed by Defense Logistics Management Standards Office. Refer to the Defense Transportation Regulation, DoD 4500.9-R , or visit Defense Transporation Electronic Business for more information.
  4. Military Standard Contract Administration Procedures (MILSCAP) provides uniform procedures, rules, formats, time standards, and standard data elements for codes for the interchange of contract-related information between and among DOD components and contractors.  The MILSCAP Chart depicts ontracts assigned to a DOD contract administration office for administration or payment.
  5. Military Standard Billing System (MILSBILLS) provides standard data elements and codes, procedures, and formats to be used for billing and related adjustments, and collections for sales of materiel. This system provides the standard procedures and formats used by the interfund billing system; that is, an automated, seller originated, self-reimbursement process.  The MILSBILLS Chart depicts basic billing (interfund), funds transfer (reimbursement),and billing adjustment processes.