Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) “How To” Guide for WebFLIS Access Registration Text Only Brochure

WebFLIS provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers (including part numbers), through a web interface connected to Federal Logistics Information Systems (FLIS) data. This information is primarily used by DLA, military services, and United States government sponsored contractors who do business with the United States government.

DLA internal employees will access AMPS and request roles based on current guidance and verify their current supervisor information is correct.

External (non-DLA) customers requesting a WebFLIS AMPS role will need to first request an AMPS account along with providing your supervisor and security officer contact information. Your supervisor and security officer do not require an AMPS account. An email will be sent containing a link to an external approval site.

Step 1: Log into AMPS

  • Access AMPS here: (CAC Required)
  • Select Appropriate Certificate
  • Click OK
  • Click on “Click HERE for access to AMPS
  • Select Appropriate Certificate
  • Click OK (Single Sign-On Authentication window)

Important: Always update your profile data first and then select “Save” before requesting roles in AMPS.

Step 2: Update User Information

  • Click Request Role (Left Column)
  • Click Accept (DLA Privacy Act Statement)
  • Update User Information
  • Complete Red Asterisk (*) mandatory fields
  • Enter current Cyber Awareness Date
  • Click Next (upper right corner) when finished

Step 3: Selecting a WebFLIS Role

  • Click arrow next to DLA Logistics Information Services Applications (to expand field)
  • Click on WebFLIS PROD
  • Select your required role (see table below)
  • Click on MOVE arrow (ensure role is placed in the Selected Role box)
  • Click Next (upper right corner)
  • Complete Justification Box (briefly describe)
  • Click Next
  • Click Submit
  • Click OK (Role Request Confirmation window)

Justification Statement:
Please describe why you require access to WebFLIS. You can indicate what your job title is, how you plan to use the data in the system, and / or the impact of not receiving access.

Role: Basic (Example: Foreign and Local Nationals with tokens similar to a CAC)
Role Name in AMPS: WebFLIS Prod-Basic User FPDW-WF002
Who Can Apply: Users with Personal Identity Verification (PIV), Federal Bridge Certification Authority (FBCA), External Certificate Authority (ECA), or Common Access Card (CAC)
Role Description & Available Tabs: Restricted end-user access to WebFLIS queries. No Proprietary, Weapon Systems, or Bill of Materials data. Four Query tabs displayed: Standard, Basic and Advanced Characteristics, and Medical

Role: Standard (Preferred Role for U.S. Logisticians)
Role Name in AMPS: WebFLIS Prod-Standard User FPDW-WF001
Who Can Apply: Users with a Common Access Card (CAC) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV). For government contractors to apply, at least one government approving official (.mil or .gov) is required.
Role Description & Available Tabs: Unrestricted end-user access to all WebFLIS queries and data. Six Query tabs displayed: Standard, Basic and Advanced Characteristics, Medical, Weapon Systems, and Bill of Materials and Sets/Kits/Outfits.

Congratulations!! You have now submitted your AMPS role request for WebFLIS Production Role access. Please note the following steps in the approval process must be obtained for your role to be authorized.

  • Supervisor
  • Security Office (SO)
  • Data Owner (DO)
  • Information Assurance Office (IAO)

External customers to DLA will receive an email confirmation at each step in the approval process.
DLA users will not receive emails at the SO or IAO step as these are automated.

Your access request is complete when you receive an email from AMPS staffing that your account has been fully approved. At this point, you should now be able to access WebFLIS at:

Questions regarding your access to WebFLIS can be directed to the DLA Enterprise Support Desk (ESD)
Office: 855-352-0001

E-mail us at for questions or additional interest in Brochures.

Revised May 2021







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