DLA Land and Maritime Internal Review Office

Mission Statement

The Internal Review Office assists DLA Land and Maritime Management in achieving improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of DLA Land and Maritime Operations to support the readiness of all DLA Land and Maritime customers. Additionally, the Internal Review Office serves as the Point of Contact (POC) for all DoD-IG and GAO auditors.

Organizational Statement

The Internal Review Office reports to DLA Land and Maritime Command and consists of professional evaluators who provide independent and objective analysis, documentation, and recommendations on a wide variety of business problems and potential opportunities. Results are provided to management in the form of project and business consulting reports. The Internal Review Office also coordinates all on-site activities and reports of Department of Defense Inspector General auditors (DoD-IG) and General Accounting Office (GAO) auditors.

Business Plan

Requests for review, business analysis, and consulting services come primarily from the Directors of the DLA Land and Maritime organizational functions. Assignments may also come directly from the DLA Land and Maritime Command Office. To request review or project assistance contact 614-692-3273.

To obtain copies of external audit reports:


Point of Contact:

Internal Review Director

Defense Supply Center Columbus
ATTN: DLA Land and Maritime-DI
3990 East Broad Street
Columbus, OH 43218-3990