Tires Successor Initiative (TSI)

What is the Tires Successor Initiative (TSI)?

The Tires Privatization Initiative (TPI), the predecessor to TSI, was established to comply with the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) statute. This statute required the disestablishment of the Department of Defense's wholesale supply, storage and distribution functions for tires. As a result, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) awarded the Tire Privatization Initiative (TPI) contracts to industry for privatized supply chain and materiel support of the government’s demand for aircraft and ground tires.

TSI is the follow on contract and will provide tire support for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and Foreign Military Services (FMS). The TSI Program consists of the TSI Contractor, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) and multiple tire providers (manufacturers/dealers). The TSI Contractor will provide logistical support services, global demand planning and forecasting, order processing and fulfillment, purchasing (from government-directed sources/LTCs), finance and inventory management, CONUS storage and warehouse operations management, CONUS distribution and transportation, packaging, obsolescence management, data management, and customer support services. In order to fulfill tire demands, the TSI Contractor will be required to order tires from long term contracts awarded by the government directly to tire providers (manufacturers/dealers).

TSI is structured differently than the previous contract (Tires Privatization Initiative). The prior contract consisted of two different contracts, one for Ground tire NSN's and one for Aircraft NSN's. TSI was structured to have only one logistics provider supplying all tires under one contract. The overall tires mission has not changed, just the contractual structure.

This DLA privatization effort is designed to be seamless to the warfighter. The MILSTRIP ordering processes via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) will remain intact. DLA Land & Maritime will continue to work with SAIC to ensure there is no gap in customer support. Communications with customers during this process will be the key to creating a successful partnership.

TSI Supply Chain Service Provider:

Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

  • Provides the services mentioned above and ensures delivery of tires to the customer.
  • Obtains tires from the best value source under contracts established by the Government with tire manufacturers and dealers.
  • Provides global support for all DLA customers.
  • Will handle tire scrap and retread requirement.
  • Will maintain a web portal and customer service phone line that is accessible 24/7.
  • Tire Status request 855-TSI-SAIC (855-874-7242).

NSN and Contract Information:

The Government intends to refresh the information below on a periodic basis. Note, the information contained in these documents is the result of a static data pull and is subject to change.

Document Title Description Posting Date
TSI Additional Instructions
Guidance for the Scrap, Retread, and Return of Tires provided by the TSI contract
TSI NSN Listing A listing of NSNs, annual demand quantities, and other data specific to individual NSNs 01/18/2012
Tire Delivery A listing of the Time Definite Delivery (TDD) requirements 01/18/2012
Aircraft Tire Pickup Forms 01/18/2012
EMALL New Registration
EMALL Certification Enforcement
DoD EMALL Contractor Registration Process 05/14/2013
Frequently Asked Questions

A listing of FAQs for the Tires Successor Initiative

Future Procurements

Tire procurements will occasionally be solicited as a part of the TSI program.  Interested parties should monitor the DLA DIBBS site and for opportunities.  DLA intends to continue tire support beyond the expiration of the TSI program; more details will be posted once they become available.

Tracking Requisitions and Shipments:

SAIC has provided a toll-free 24-hour access number (855-874-7242) to customers worldwide. The toll free number allow authorized customers to track both requisitions and shipments.

For Assistance or Questions Contact:

Responsible Office E-Mail Phone
DLA Land and Maritime-FLG
Tires Successor Initiative Procurement Team
DLA Land and Maritime Tires Team 614-692-1199
SAIC Customer Service Center   24/7 Call Center:
855-TSI-SAIC (855-874-7242)