Land and Maritime Product Test Center

Serving the Testing Needs of DLA, DoD, and now the Private Sector.  

Welcome Statement:
Welcome to the Defense Logistics Agency's Product Testing Center. Our organization is a full-service, customer-focused testing facility with the capability to satisfy the requirements of a broad range of military and commercial applications in a reliable, cost-effective, and timely manner.

DSN 850-3589
(614)  692-3589

Please send all comments on test reports and the PTC webpages to the email address below:

Mission Statement:
Acts as the Defense Logistics Agency's (DLA) Executive Agent for all Product Testing Centers (PTC) and reports to the Commander, DLA Land and Maritime.  Manages three Product Testing Centers that perform professional scientific evaluations of products and related services. This includes product testing, technical support, and training for customers in a timely manner.

Organizational Statement:
DLA's Product Testing Center consists of three modern testing facilities, located nationwide, which offer over 100 years of combined testing experience as your front-line defense for quality and reliability. The three test sites are stationed at major DLA Inventory Control Points for close working relationships with supply planners and product specialists.

Last Updated:  29 Sep 2015