Mechanical Product Testing Center

  • MECHANICAL TESTING - tests include tensile properties, thread tests, failure analysis, protective finish, shear, thermal, hermetic, and calibration.

  • METROLOGY (EQUIPMENT) - dimensional and microscopic surface measurements utilizing instrumentation such as coordinate measuring machines, optical measuring machines, circular geometry machinery, optical comparators, and a variety of other free standing and hand-held measuring equipment.

  • NONDESTRUCTIVE TESTING - tests performed on a component that do not alter the physical state or destroy the sample, using devices such as scanning electron microscopy, radiography, and magnetic particle testers.

  • PERFORMANCE TESTING - tests designed to evaluate the performance of samples, using devices such as reflectometers, elevated temperature, and pressure testing equipment.

  • METALLURGICAL - complete wet and dry chemical composition, instrumental analysis of alloys, microstructure analysis, and hardness using a wide variety of metallurgical testing equipment.

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